Lobster Tails, Snow Crab and Salad Shrimp from the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic. Loyalty supplies the best for your customers.


Sushi-grade Tuna, Swordfish, Sustainable Salmon from Norway. Fresh fish from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Amazing!


Delicious Crabmeat from the Pacific Ocean. Sweet Scallops from the North Atlantic. You can taste the care and the freshness in every bite.


Wild Caught and flash frozen for maximum freshness and flavor. From the Gulf of Mexico, The Atlantic and other rich waters, Loyalty provides the BEST!


A 35 year veteran of the Seafood Industry, he has traveled the world’s oceans learning more and more about sustainable fish and shellfish. The products that LOYALTY offers are first-choice, high-quality and will make your customers come back for more – every time. Call 813.373.1898 to talk with Dave directly. We represent the best that the sea has to offer. Find out what a difference LOYALTY can make with your customers!

Loyalty means relationships.  Building trust on a foundation of dependability and service.  For over 25 years, Loyalty Foods has added to this foundation by seeking out the latest products from a sustainable quality supply chain.  Loyalty is poised to present new, easily traceable food products for every customer with a building connection between suppliers, customers and ultimately… consumers.

So many changes from systems management to resource management.  Logistics and an increasing demand for quality and product have led this industry into uncharted waters.  However, with someone you can trust, like Loyalty, we’ll navigate successfully together.  New technology is replacing older methods of harvesting, packaging, distribution and presentation… but you can be sure that although we’ll utilize every means of providing the highest level of product and service, we will never abandon our core principles of Loyalty.

Dave Kloppenburg visits our suppliers often to see for himself how the process works getting from the sea or the kitchen – to the shelf or the table.  From the time the product is harvested to the time it’s packaged and frozen, he insists that the suppliers are maintaining the highest quality.  With this way of doing business for such a long time, Dave is known for making sure the final customer is always not only satisfied, but very satisfied with every single order.  This is what “Loyalty” is all about.

Why Choose Loyalty?
  • Great Communication

  • High quality, sustainable products

  • Speed and accuracy for your orders

  • Constantly searching for better products for our customers

  • We listen to your needs

  • Excellent shelf-life